Even though we entered the northern Iceland today, we just passed by it to get to the Highlands where we were booked for sleeping tonight. Simo was super excited especially about hot pots, the road though was rather little inviting… This is what it looked like for 1,5 h of driving:

Picture taken by Simone Dovigo

Endless grey sand dessert and lava formations appear otherworldly. On the picture one of emergency huts. You can find them in places where travelers can be caught in severe weather.

There are practically no services here, accommodation, bridges or any guarantees in case something goes wrong. It feels like being on the moon and it’s pretty scary. Just to picture the landscape: in 1960s Apollo astronauts trained here before lunar landing ­čÖé I actually think they might have filmed the landing here rather than on the moon.

Of course this road was marked as F-road which means it is strictly for high-clearence 4WD car that we don’t have. Our Hyundai i30 is doing pretty well though, even when we jump over potholes bigger than the car itself.

On arrival we were greeted by very strong wind and 2 degrees. That didn’t stop Simo from undressing and jumping in here:

Picture taken by Simone DovigoMeanwhile I was freezing to death, wearing seven layers of all possible clothes we had with us.

Picture taken by Simone Dovigo

Picture taken by Simone Dovigo _MG_5314mod