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We will be moving by car from now on, which gives us a bit more independence and less kilometeres in legs by the end of the day.

Many times I came across saying that the Blue Lagoon is a kind of lame and not worth to see it at all. Mostly because it’s expensive and not even a naturally occurring phenomenon since it is fed by water from the nearby geothermal plant. But how can one not want to see it? The milky-blue spa is set in black lava field in the middle of nowhere and if you add a possibility of daubing yourself in white silica mud and a chance of disappearing in a huge cloud of superheated steaming sea water, it takes you directly to another world.


The water is rich in blue (green?) algae, fine silica mud and mineral salts which exfoliate the skin. You really end up with skin as soft as baby’s bum.

The water temperature is hotter near the vents where is comes from and slightly warmer by the surface.

PS. No, this article is not sponsored by the Blue Lagoon. Unfortunately.

Picture taken by Simone Dovigo

We both liked it, probably for different reasons 🙂

Picture taken by Simone DovigoPicture taken by Simone Dovigo