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Full of hope we arrived at the harbor to join the whale watching boat. The sea was rough and so was meant to be our cruise. We were even offered seasick pills and special overalls which made us warm and waterproof._MG_4924mod

Overalls happened to remain the biggest attraction of the day. We saw no whales. It turned out to be very frustrating as this was the one activity Simo looked forward to the most.

Obviously, you can’t be guaranteed a whale sighting on the cruise, but we did see dolphins and being so close to them and almost in personal contact is something everyone should have firmly entrenched on their bucket list. Especially if you like us, are unwilling to see them in captivity. Sadly, Iceland is one of those countries where commercial whaling is still legal.



We had to make up somehow the no-whale experience. That’s why we ended up dinning at Grillmaradurinn – a great favorite amongst Icelanders. The food was exquisite! I would even say it was my best eating out experience of all times. Everything works great there: invisible management, team work, attention to details, wonderful presentation, seductive smells… it is an edible piece of art, really.

We recommend ordering tasting menu which consists of a selection of dishes from restaurant’s menu, and is served family style for the whole table to enjoy. The dessert part and the Grillmarket chocolate (served with mascarpone sabayone, warm caramel and coffee ice cream)… Oh, this one itself was enough good reason to visit Iceland. Go and try!