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So here we are, safe and sound in capital of Iceland. There was a lot of rush and stress going on before this trip, so I had no chance to actually get ready. Simo took bookings and road trip planning on his shoulders and I just appeared on time for the airport.


Kogga – Ceramic Studio and Gallery

I was expecting Dar es Salaam effect – “God, what are we doing here”, but surprisingly I felt very safe and comfortable here. In addition our hotel room was kindly upgraded to suite, so I’m even more happy that we are staying here for 4 days.


Icelandic taste: fermented shark, puffin with crowberries, mink whale tataki, wind dried fish and icelandic seaweed

I never been to a northern country before, so I absorb surroundings like a sponge. We spend our day wandering around, popping into shops for adventurous people (and a christmas one) and enjoying very first Icelandic meal.

Eating a puffin and rotten shark – checked!

Lækjarbrekka Restaurant is definitely a place we recommend! It serves not only delicious meals, but it’s also situated in beautifully restored house, which has an eventful 150 years history behind it. In addition we were lucky to get a bubbly waiter who told us stories about food we ate. This is how we found out that Greenland shark – hákarl – is poisonous when fresh, that’s why it is served rotten after 6-12 weeks of curing period and then cut into strips and hung to dry for several months. You have to eat it without being sick and according to Icelanders, it’s a true definition of a proper man.

Simo’s made it! He is alive and actually enjoyed the taste. Not to mention men’s pride.